Apostle. Obasi Titus is from Achara –Ihechiowa in Arochukwu Local Government Area of Abia State in Nigeria, West Africa. I am happily married to Pastor [Mrs.] Mary Titus Obasi; we both are pastors at Advocate Christian Assembly Int’l Inc Nigeria. The church is located at #3 Madubuike Avenue, Umuelele Irete in Owerri West Local Government Area of Imo State in Nigeria.

MINISTRY IN NIGERIA: Living in Nigeria is one and running ministry in Nigeria is another thing. Nigeria as a nation is a blessed country with so many natural endowments, mineral resources, Nigeria is a highly populated country with so many ethnic groups, and it has about 260 indigenous languages and three major tribes, Hausa, Igbo and Yoruba. Running ministry in Nigeria is so interesting but with great challenges. We have religious challenges, lack of understanding among churches and ministers of God. Cultural challenges, some cultures are still very difficult to penetrate; Security Challenges, There are lots of security challenges in our Country, the most pressing issue is the current attack of the Boko Haram, kidnapping, killing of Christians, bombing of churches etc; Religious activities and progress are being hindered and people live in fear of attacks. But in all God is still faithful

TESTIMONY OF SALVATION: Rev. Obasi Titus was born on the 10th October 1967, into the family of Presiding Elder Obasi Ogbonnaya and Senior Deaconess Hannah Obasi, members of The Apostolic Church Nigeria, was brought up in the way of the Lord but still needed to have a personal encounter with Jesus Christ. On the 26th December 1979 during the ministration of my elder sister, and Evangelist Asagwara, I gave my life to our Lord Jesus Christ and was led to Christ. On the 22nd November 1980, I was baptized in water, and in May 1988, I was baptized with the Holy Ghost. A successful businessman I was until the call to save the Lord full time was so paramount, through prophetic utterances, revelations and confirmation from so many men of God.

MY DREAM ABOUT MINISTRY: My dream has always been to lead the people to the knowledge of God , to continue where my father stopped and accomplish what he could not accomplish ministerially during his life time, my dream is to preach the gospel undiluted, to convert my people back to God, to plant churches and to built orphanages.

WORDS I AM IDENTIFIED WITH: By the grace of God, as the senior pastor of Advocate Christian Assembly Int’l Inc Nigeria, I have been ordained as an Apostle in the body of Christ by the United Nation Council of Churches Paris.

KEY EXPERIENCE: From my childhood, my life has been characterized by the gospel. I grew up as the youngest evangelist in my area and God severally confirmed it through prophetic messages. Preaching is the only carrier where I find peace. 

NEED FOR PRAYERS: I really need prayers to be able to succeed in the ministry; we have accommodation problem and we pay heavily to be able to stay; we need prayers for a ministerial open doors, open doors for free tracts, and free Bibles. We need prayers for the sustainability of Advocate Christian Assembly Int’l inc Nigeria , and to be able to have a permanent church building of our own.